Saturday, March 20, 2010

You Can Find Color Here (as in Peacock)

Do you dream in color like I do? One of my inspirations just happens to contain some of my fav colors in the fabulous, showy package known as the peacock. The brilliant blues, shades of green, accents of yellow, brown and black…

And (how timely) Pantone selected Turquoise as their color for 2010.

Did you know that the luminous, brilliant colors of the peacock feather do not come entirely from the chemical pigments, but rather from the structure of the feather itself? The straplike "twigs" which come off the branches of the peacock feather measure differently for each color region. These produce the peacock's iridescent hues, which shimmer and change, depending on the angle of light. The magnified feathers look like this:

Lately, I’ve seen the peacock feathers featured as a décor item. Perfect accents, wouldn’t you say?

Rouge Living peacock pillow

 Halycon carpet, Loomah's Roscoe Collection

You can find the peacock colors everywhere!

Great blue and green! Source unknown

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  1. Lovely collection of images - these colors are just so rich, it's hard not to love them.
    Rouge Living are new to me - I'm off to check out their site!