Monday, April 26, 2010

Mosaics a la Venice

Talk about patience! These intriguing mosiac photos are taken in the Venetian atelier of Angelo Orsoni. The company was founded in 1888 and is located close to the Cannaregio canal in the Cannaregio district, off of the Grand Canal.

These glass tiles, or smalti,  are made according to the original recipes with glass and pigments, poured into slabs, cooled and cut into miniature pieces. The Orsoni mosaics are really exquisite fine art and are shipped all over the world.

The following photos are courtesy of Maisons Cote Sud. Photography by Bernard Touillon.

the library of tiles

love these colors!

the powder pigments

These last two mosaics were picked up at an antique sale. They were made in Italy by students at an art school in Venice.

I would love to see other mosaic examples. Care to share?


  1. Hi Ann

    Thanks for your visit and kind comments.
    I just love the two photos of the library of tiles. The shelves warped under the weight, and the progressing shades of colour are beautiful.
    I bet those rooms have very specific smells to them as well.

  2. Those shelfs are sublime!!! Crooked and inspirational!!
    Thanks for the notification!!!!

  3. Awesome post. I love the library of tiles, and oh what a find to be able to purchase the work of students of such a unique artform.