Wednesday, November 3, 2010

True Blue

With all of the "natural" colors in design lately (grey, beige and greige variations), I find it refreshing to actually see color.

These gorgeous blue walls, paired with the classic white partner, create such an elegant space. Of course, the amazing moldings, fluted columns and paneling are the perfect complement to the intense blue color.

Above photos courtesy of Elegant Homes magazine. Photos by Timothy Bell.

The iconic John Stefanidis designed this dining room by interpreting the clear Egyptian blue in a layered manner. Offset by the white moldings, floor and accessories, it reads fresh and clean.


And how could I leave without a tribute to Mark Rothko's blue composition. He was (and still is) the ultimate champion of color and nuance.

Mark Rothko's Untitled (Blue, Green and Brown), 1952
National Gallery of Art


  1. Great post. I was just looking at my own blog (at the first few posts) and thinking it was a little drab. I need to post something with color...stat!


  2. Beautiful. I've seen a few posts lately that are saying that color is back. It never left for me. I'm so glad to be back though. Thanks for your encouragement. It has been a mini nightmare! Have a great weekend. Mona