Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inspirations in the studio

This week I am returning to my paints and textures, working on several projects. I am loving it! I don't know about you, but my work output is greatly increased when I am inspired and there is nothing like peeking into other artists' studios to motivate me!

There are as many studio variations as there are artists. Here are a few:

-a studio with an elegant Aubusson carpet sample in the planning

-Studio of Carine de Marin in France

-Various painters at work

source unknown

-Jackson Pollock at work in his studio


-Studios that are more organized or elegant


-Paint palettes

Then, there is my studio! OK, I admit it. It IS messy, especially right now, in the middle of projects. If I had to clean up after every session, I'd get nothing done!

my drying brushes

pigments and colors

my work and class area

For those of you who know me, I always have to have a few plants and flowers around! Above, you will find birds-of-paradise and jasmine vines. This is an oleander passing the winter indoors.

Tell me about your favorite place to work and be inspired!


  1. Oh Ann, lovely! I just come to your blog to be inspired :)

  2. I'm like Kelly, you inspire me. You always have such wonderful projects going. Bloggers definitely inspire me. Sometimes I can hardly wait to incorporate an idea that is shared into something we are working on. It's fun to see how the same inspiration can be interpreted so differently.

  3. Love the first and second photos....I covet that sea sponge!

  4. Wow.. how wonderful to have such space to create in!! I'd love to have a little studio filled with paints.. not that I paint myself!! My creative space is my camera and working in photoshop.. and sadly right now that happens at an impromptu desk in my living space!! haha.. oh well.. But for inspiration.. really for me it is the sea.. and travel!!

    Have fun with your paints!! xxx Julie

  5. All the pictures are very inspiring! The first two are so pretty and detailed. I wish I had something like that to paint. And I like the Studio with the "WOW" window and yours too! Did you paint the folding screen?

    My art studio/area is a spare bedroom where I set up a big drafting table between two windows. My art supplies are in an old antique dresser with lots of drawers that even has a "hat" cubby. I haven't done any artwork in a long time although I have some posted on my blog a ways back. Your work and all these pics are inspiring me to do more!

  6. Belles photos d'atelier d'artiste. Merci!

  7. hi, lovely blog..i am thinking we love same sort of things, thanks for the wonderful pictures..come see me sometime~zanne

  8. I love your studio - you are so lucky to have the space to do your thing and make a bit of a mess! I paint once a week at a studio as I don't really have a good place at home. Love your blog.
    x Sharon @ Roses and Rust

  9. Ann,

    I adore these images and yes I am truly inspired!!

    Your studio is not at all messy! It is wonderful!

    Art by Karena

  10. So inspirational! The image of Jackson Pollock made me smile. I visited his place in the Hamptons over the summer and took some classes, strictly for fun with my daughter. She loved creating "Jackson Pollocks!"

  11. Had to come back again such a great post!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena

  12. I love your studio shots. It looks like an inspiring place to work. One of my faves is Paul Cezanne's studio. I posted s couple of nice shots of it here, if any of your readers want to explore your theme further...


    Thanks for your post!

  13. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. The wedding was about 300 mikes from where I live so not possible to go have a look. Also, they were lucky as the sun was shining there, not in Wales. That boques was lovely, I had calla lillies in my wedding boquet - she has good taste :-)
    I am your newest UK follower.

  14. Hi Ann!

    What a lovely blog. I came here from PlumSiena and love it!! The photos of your studio above are just so gorgeous and evocative... Already I've got some ideas churning in my head for mine now! (We moved into a sweet little 1920's house this year, and my studio is nestled within a bay window area, looking out onto a Gothic mansion, an old brick fire station, and a magnificent church.)

    Nice to "see" you again from the MuralsPlus days! The minute I saw your full name, I realized - "I know that girl!!" :)


  15. Inspirations can have lots of laughs and humors. Nice post!

    J. Harp
    writer @ Interior Design Pro

  16. Artist's studios are really inspiring to me too. Thanks for posting some great photos, including your own studio. Beautiful screen btw!

    There's a great book from 1960 called The Artist In His Studio, with great photos of all those Modernists in their spaces. I doubt if the title would be so gender-specific these days, but it's inspiring nonetheless.

    Thanks for the post