Friday, August 13, 2010

This goes with That

That is how my garden grows. Maybe we should call it creative chaos!

Late summer in Bay Village is in full swing. We are located just two blocks from Lake Erie (No, you cannot see across the lake!) and have the benefit of being next to what looks like a big ocean without the salt. Ironically, there is a huge salt mine located under the lake, with its access on Whiskey Island, a mere half mile from downtown Cleveland. We are within a quarter mile of the lake, which means that our fall season is longer and warmer than the outlying areas and we are able to grow more tender plants. We also stay warmer all winter with less snow. Yeah!

Are you familiar with the nicotiana plant, otherwise known as the flowering tobacco?

The flowers are white and fragrant. One caveat about nicotiana- it easily self sows. Look closely at the next photo. You can see the white flowers amongst the green seed pods. When the pods mature, they will burst open and scatter the seeds. The next summer, you will find babies in the oddest places. Fortunately, they are easy to remove. We let it do its thing and pull out what we don't want.

 Mmmm, can you smell this? The datura topiary is close to the nicotiana in the garden. It smells divine in the evening also.

Ligularia is an underused perennial. Its daisly-like gold flowers bloom in the mid summer.  The leaves are a deep green with a burgundy tinge and are huge.

We hollowed out this birch log to fill with flowers last summer for my daughter's wedding. This spring, we brought it outside and thought- why not? So, we planted it with ferns and placed it under the dappled shade of the lilacs.

I wish you a happy weekend!

If only you could smell this gardenia with me!

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I'll be giving away a hydrangea wreath with the hydrangeas from my garden. I have been picking them daily and filling up all available vases with the blooms to dry them. I am running out of room!

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  1. Thank you!!! For linking up and linking back! I am so appreciative! I hope you'll join us every Friday! :) So, that's what a tobacco plant looks like - hmmm. Now I'll have to remember that next year when I say - TOBACCO!?!? LOL! Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous photos!

  2. Your garden is truly lush. Love how you hollowed out the tree log and planted your ferns! I may have to "borrow" that wondrous idea. When we visit Rocky River, we walk down a winding little path from our nephew's house to the lake. Love to watch the ships sailing by in the distance while sitting on the sand, a cold one in hand.... LOL We didn't get up there this year- crazy busy year.

  3. I had to pause when I read "my daughter's wedding"...I just imagined how grand, beautiful and sweet a setting you loving helped her pink. Wow, that's a sweet smelling thought :)

  4. Your garden is lovely!...Love the birch tree idea, too!

  5. You know how I love your garden, but I am all over that birch log with the ferns. What a fabulous centerpiece that would make. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you win!

  6. It sounds like a wonderful part of the world. What a lovely garden!