Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cubbies followup- with a party!

A couple of weeks ago, here, I posted photos of the glossy white cubbies that I had just painted. 

Well....the party was last night in a tent at the Football Hall of Fame for Jerry Rice, one of the 2010 inductees. Pieter Bouterse designed a deceptively beautiful space. It was a clean, fresh look with the colors of the evening white and red with silver accents. 

The cubbies were used as bar backdrops. They were placed on risers and filled with glasses and balls of red roses in the top shelves and used for storage by the bartenders in the bottom shelves. As usual, my photos (phone photos) are not in the best focus and the caterer had not completed their setup in time (!) for me to take pics before the guests walked in.  The lighting changed colors behind the cubbies throughout the evening.

Want to see the rest of the party decor? 
OK- come with me!

The guests walked into the tent through this rose allee. The roses (the longest I've ever seen) were my height. The question asked most often here was "Are they real?"  (Mais oui!)

The stainless steel containers were made by artist John Comunale.

Here's how they looked with the evening's lighting.

The main decor items were the hanging red rose balls. The two sizes measured 38 inches and 48 inches in diameter. They looked proportionately sized here, but they were gigantic to work on in the studio. 

Here are more views of the tent. 

This is the stage, standing in front of the dance floor. Yes, I did more draping of fabric! (see here for reference)

At one end, Jerry's #80 jersey number hung, full of roses. The numbers were five feet tall. Needless to say, they were heavy. It took five guys and a lift to hang them.

Right before the guests walked in, Jerry's Super Bowl trophies were placed on the Venetian plaster pedestals. The empty pedestal is waiting for the new Hall of Fame bust of Jerry.

 Pieter is on the right with his brother, Jan Bouterse.

Let it begin!


  1. Wow! You really work on some fabulous projects. Those rose balls are phenomenal. One of my favorites, is the painted cubbies with all the roses and the lights shining through. I'm sure a great time was had by all, and you are only a little bit exhausted!

  2. Wow how fun and it all looks so festive and elegant!!

    Giveaway is on my site!!

    Art by Karena

  3. You guys and gals are so talented!

  4. Ann, this is just beautiful!! You gave me ideas!!! Thank you!
    PS Thank you for stopping by today!!

  5. I love the red rose balls and pink lighting! When you've got it, you've got it and you really created a beautiful atmosphere :)

  6. What an incredible party! Those tall, tall roses are quite extraordinary.