Monday, December 6, 2010

The Brooklyn Flea (market, that is...)

We just returned from a quick trip to New York City to visit my daughter and her husband. It's nice to have a "local" guide us around and we sure appreciated staying in their lovely place rather than a hotel. 

We spent most of Saturday visiting the various neighborhoods of Brooklyn. We started off at the Brooklyn Flea Market, which is now held at One Hanson Place, the historic landmark formerly known as the Williamsburgh Savings Bank. Built in 1929, it has a 512 foot clocktower. It presently is home to 179 luxury residences on the upper floors and hosts the flea market every Saturday and Sunday.This is the main hall. 

Here is a bit of a closeup of the 40-foot mosaic map of the Dutch colonies of New York on the back wall.

I seemed to zero in on the beauty of the building. Of course, the goods were everywhere and I scored a fabulous, vintage lambswool coat. The food was yummy; it would be worth it to go just for the food!

You can definitely see the Art Deco influence.

Love, love the mosaics!

There is the clock tower.

Bye, bye! We were leaving to go to see Carmen at the Met!


  1. I'm green! Looks like wonderful holidays happening for you!

  2. Gorgeous!!! also, what a fun time of the year to visit New York. Missed my November trip there this year and am still sad about it.