Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Glossy white cubbies

Mission accomplished! I spent the last two weeks painting 36 white cubbies gloss white. Two primer coats, two white paint coats and one topcoat to protect. With the heat and humidity, drying time was an issue. Painting a large expanse of wall seems like a breeze.

The 6' x 16" cubbies will be used as a bar backdrop shelving unit for an upcoming tent party. They will hold stacked glasses and bottles of liquor, as in the last photo. The fun thing is that they can be used in any configuration. I can just see a few in my studio or kids' bedrooms or laundry room. Hmmm....

The cubbies are backed with an acrylic sheet that has a swirly white paint finish; with lights behind it, the pattern really glows. Of course, they can be used with a solid back or no back at all.

My hubbie's studio- definitely a working studio! Getting ready for a few big gigs.

Pretend-a-light (sunshine) to be replaced with light fixtures on location!

Here is Ikea's version:

I thought this was a great way to use them in the kitchen / dining room!


  1. OK, I'm confused. Have you changed the name of your blog? Do you do special events as well as special paint finishes? I remember the party you did for the Shiny Pebble Dining Room challenge finale. You did an awesome job. Now the shelves are for an event? Have I missed something?

  2. You've got a great start (very impressed) to a wonderful idea! Please do the final pic of how and where it finds a home!!

  3. Those are awesome! I hope we'll get to see pictures of the event?
    Oh, and did you see the amazing living room wall of the house featured on decor8 yesterday? Delicious.

  4. Hi Mona,
    I can see how you'd be confused. A bit of background (see http://theshinypebble.blogspot.com/2010_05_01_archive.html):

    After graduating with a BSRN degree from St. Louis University, I worked as a home care RN on and off for ten years while I was beginning to raise my three children... and moved on to working for a special events decorator who opened up a whole new world for me. As the need for creating props increased, I began to study faux finishes and decorative painting all over the country... my own company, Great Lakes Decorative Arts Studio and do freelance container gardening and other special projects.

    I now live with the special events decorator, Pieter Bouterse (http://www.pieterboutersestudio.com/) and still help him out on the weekends when he's busy. The cubbies are for a gig he has coming up on August 7th. I'll try to get pics of the cubbies in action!

  5. P.S. I did change me blog name on July 5th, but kept the same url address.

    That was an amazing wall, Leigha! I wonder if it gets cold in the winter! :)

  6. I love the cube look - you showed incredible patience painting yours and they're going to look fab!