Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inspirations underfoot

I am loving the fabulous rugs that are out now. There are endless varieties to choose from with colors to die for. The rugs are also one of my best inspirations for wall finishes. Be it to imitate the pattern or pull out the color nuances from the rug, I find myself looking down quite a bit!

Here are some of my latest favorites.

Shekarlou by Zollanvari

A nice, somewhat muted color combo. You could pull the walls, ceiling, furniture and accessories all from this rug.

Modern Garous by Whitecliffe Imports

I am always in the mood for a "skin"!

Python by Marc Phillips

This is a great tone-on-tone for a totally neutral room in white or cream or greige.

A fun tone-on-tone.

Cut Lennon by Rugs by Robinson

This rug is like a painting!

 Moroccan History by Jenny Jones Rugs

A traditional damask in neutrals that resembles wallpaper. Lovely.

A Tamarian rug

The next two lovelies are also by Tamarian.

These next two are by Marc Phillips Rugs with a chinoiserie feeling to them.

Another contemporary rug with an almost neutral combination of colors.

Twist by Marc Phillips

This should be hung on the wall! It reminds me of Marcia Myers' paintings, one of my favorite artists.


What are your favorite rug vendors? Would you go with a bold pattern?



  1. I love the tone on tone pattern and the Agra one. Rugs can play center stage in a room or be part of the ensemble!

  2. Each one of them I see a gorgeous pop of color from an amazing piece of furniture!