Monday, August 30, 2010

A wreath and a recipe

Looking for a tasty side dish for the Labor Day barbecue? Try Orzo with Roasted Vegetables:

You can use whatever veggies you have, especially those you just harvested from the garden. Roast them on the grill to cut down on the kitchen heat and they'll be even tastier. You can also roast the pine nuts on the grill.

The basil adds the punch it needs. I garnished with it, as well.

For those who were curious to see the giveaway hydrangea wreath that was won by Leigha Oaks, of the elle oh blog, here it is. I used an assortment of hydrangeas, all from my yard, and added a little bittersweet which is perfect right now. The hydrangea petals will eventually fade over time and the bittersweet will still burst open from its yellow pod.


  1. Dear Ann, Your Hydrangea wreath is absolutely stunning. I especially like the way you introduced the bittersweet. I can see the beautiful orange-red berries next to the muted colors of the hydrangea as soon as they open.
    A happy week to you.

  2. It's as beautiful as I could have imagined. The yellow pods are my favorite element of surprise! I really need to learn how to work our grill so I can do more when my husband is out of town. My mom was always on top of that. Guess I should follow :)

  3. Hi Ann!
    Thanks so much for stopping by today to visit! And thanks for this recipe; I will definitely be giving it a try!

  4. The wreath is absolutely gorgeous, one I would love to have. Really. You are SO talented, Ann, especially with these wonderful flowers of yours.
    You should open an ETSY site and sell. xx's

  5. Those hydrangea wreaths are to die for!

  6. I love the orzo and roasted vegetables! We live on food like this.

  7. Dear Ann
    That wreath is a work of art... simply stunning!!! you are one clever girl!!! so talented... I'm sure Leigha will be very happy....

    re your comment: we do get snow here in Australia but mostly in the Alps.. southern NSW and Victoria... in fact I think it has been 20 years since I've seen snow and that was on vacation in New Zealand..

    Have a lovely week!!! I have a giveaway going up very soon... hopefully tomorrow!! ciao ciao xxx Julie