Sunday, October 10, 2010

Checking in

Hello! How are you all doing?

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian neighbors! 

I have returned for a day or two before I take another blog break. I have been keeping up with all of your blog happenings, but truly miss our interaction. We've been enjoying a few gorgeous autumn days here after 6 straight days of rain.

Here is a quick peek at one of the parties I've been helping with. This was a bi-annual celebration of life and benefit that the client gives to raise money for cancer research in honor of their son. The 600 or so guests partied until well into the night. I managed to snap a few pictures right before the doors opened to the guests.  

This was a 100' x 170' tent (huge) and it rained the whole day. Thank goodness there were no leaks!

The evening's theme was the sixties and most guests arrived in full costumes. Good costumes. So good, they were probably pulled from various relatives' attics instead of costume stores! The guests dropped their cars at the valet and walked in here.

Inside, it was happenin'! As always, the lighting in the tent was one of the keys to success with the show. Here is the view from the raised "lounge" area.

The "soft seating" (aka: benches) was custom created for Pieter's company and are so versatile. They can even form a couch by being pushed together. The dessert station's sign is on the left: "Not your mother's brownies".

This is the other end of the tent. I loved the restroom sign in the upper corner.

One of the components of the sixties theme was daisies. Here you can see that even the light fixture truss over the dance floor was a big daisy. The small guest tables were covered with deep purple, floor length linens and each sported a vase of gerbera daisies.

The dancers are practicing on the 27' x 30' dance floor. The dance floor was made up of 3' squares of vulcanized neoprene (the flooring that ballet dancers dance on when on stage) that were topped with a holographic film.

Even the band got into the dancing (with their Afro hair!). See the cages on each side of the stage? They were meant for the dancers, but were taken over by the guests the entire evening. I wonder how many remembered the next day!

There's nothing like a good party with lots of dancing for a good cause!


  1. What fun! I would love to go to one of your parties. They are all over the top! Been missing you. Mona

  2. ooh.. I've missed a few posts.. but love your harvest moon!!! and love that tree shot too!!! beautiful..

    Well this is one huge party... what a lot of work must have gone into this event.... sounds like a good time was had by all... take care and have a lovely week xxx Julie

  3. Beautiful dear. What a lovely party (and lovely cause) to be part of.


  4. HELLO! Thanks for stopping by while on break :) Enjoy yourself and I love the update and wonderful works you've shared here!! When you said you were taking time for "projects" my mind was everywhere thinking of the grandeur you've got your hands in creating!!



  5. Good to see you did a post and that you are having fun!