Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doors of Italy

We just returned from a driving trip through the northern half of Italy. We flew to Zurich, rented a car and started driving. No reservations or specific plans were made. It was a fun way to go for us; for those who require security and plans in order, hotel reservations or a tour would definitely be advised.  It can be a bit harried at times.

Before I go any further, I need to get this off my chest. Why do we in the US call the cities in the rest of the world by different names than what their actual names are? Some examples: Roma (aka Rome), Firenze (aka Florence), Venezia (aka Venice), Munchen (aka Munich), Wien (aka Vienna), etc., etc. I've never been able to figure that out!

I was particularly struck by the fabulous doors we saw (among other things) everywhere and thought I'd share them with you. Big and small, old and older. (Please excuse the photo quality of some of the pictures; I had to use my Ipod for a day.)

Here they are:


Last, but not least, here is a set of doors in Venezia. The doors in Venice deserve their own book!


  1. Welcome Home!!! I know you had a fabulous time. I would love it if we could sit and chat. Hopefully you will be sharing more here. I'm crazy for beautiful doors. These are gorgeous!

  2. Welcome Home, Ann. Love the pictures of the doors. You can tell that they are Italian doors. The photograph of the door to the Grand Canal is my favorite.
    We travel the way you do, especially when in Italy, Austria and Germany. It works in September and October when the kids are back in school and the weather is still pleasant and warm.
    Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  3. When we have traveled to Europe we usually make a reservation for the first night. After that we just wing it. I love the pictures of doors especially the one in Venezia since this is where we were married.
    xo, Sherry

  4. LOVE! BTW, I've often wondered that as well. It would be just as easy to say Firenze as it is to say Florence, and it would be more respectful I think. Beautiful doors, Ann. I'm sharing this on Twitter.

  5. My jaw is on the floor! I need to upgrade!! I have a coffee table book of just front doors. I have a thing for them :)