Sunday, May 30, 2010

A collection

Every so often, I accumulate a collection of items that I like very much and hope to integrate into my home. Some are out of reach (we all dream...), and some are totally do-able.

"These are pieces the eye will never get tired of looking at because they are beautifully proportioned. Both the eye and soul resonate. "

 This quote by interior designer Lynne Scalo describes my philosophy when purchasing items for my home.

I would love to have this darling cake stand sitting on a sideboard. It's too cute to stash away!

Several chairs and several light fixtures caught my eye. I would place this in my powder room.

I love both the chandelier and the carved gilt chair.

This intriguing ginkgo chair by Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand was part of an exhibit in the Parisian Pavillon Des Arts et du Design that just closed March 28th.

Elle Decoration magazine

Merete Larsen, a Danish artist specializing in turning wood, created these divine, colorful bowls. She begins with a log and, with a chainsaw and later a lathe, transforms the wood into delicate bowls with stains that still allow the grain of the wood to show through. What patience! 

Aren't these tiles fun?




  1. I luv your style, I found you through the Shiny Pebble :)

  2. I like the cake stand! The ginko chair could live with me too(throw in a grotto chair, and I am a happy camper!!!!) The wood bowls are true works of art!! Great post.

  3. The carved gilt chair and chandelier from Veranda has been in my Style files for a while. I love that look!