Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zinc again...

The charm of a zinc finish has captured me! Or, maybe Greige has channeled my focus onto the beauty of simplicity.

These wall panels with the whitewashed zinc finish- so elegant.

French Country Living

Here, both the niche and sliding doors are created out of zinc, forming a beautifully rough backdrop.

Art et Decoration

Of course, the classic French flower pots of zinc:

French Home

Photo by Francesca Giovanelli

Here are more zinc tables...

A nice garden work table~

The piece de resistance; I love this charming table!

French Home


  1. What a lovely blog this is, these photos are beautiful! I want one of these tables!

  2. Yes - I love the white washed zinc panels in the bathroom - want to do that in my bath that I am re-doing! Do you know how water-tolerant it is?

    Linda Leyble

  3. Linda-

    The whitewash zinc look on the bathroom panels will be as water tolerant as any paint finish will be. Maybe also topcoat with a dead flat varnish? What substrate will the whitewashed look go on top of?


  4. Hi Ann - I am only seeing your comment now...sorry. The substrate would be sheetrock - I guess that I would try to emulate the zinc, whitewashed look right on top of existing sheetrock.