Thursday, May 20, 2010

A delicate bloom

This week, our stephanotis vine proudly burst into bloom after a cold and cloudy winter. It is definitely a survivor, as it was only watered when we gave it the leftover water from the dog bowl! 

They smell delicious!

Can you see the vine twirled up the frame and onto the curtain rod? 
There are a total of 10 clusters of blooms like you see here, most of which are behind the etagere, where they receive the full southern light.

I am adding this to My Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday.   Thanks, Cindy!


  1. So beautiful and isn't the fragrance divine!?


    Art by Karena

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving me the tree peony tip. I love peonies. I'll have to find out if they can grow here. Your vine is beautiful and amazing. So jealous! Obviously, you have a green thumb! So excited to find your blog. I'll be back soon.

  3. Hi Ann. Wish I could take a gilding class from you!! And Stephanotis, or Madagascar Jasmine, is so incredible. Managed to kill off my two new vines last year. After seeing yours, I just have to try again. The scent is intoxicating. Merci! Trish

  4. I love stephanotis....really I do....but let's talk about that fabulous dolphin fragment on the top shelf!!!!!!!! More, more!!!!LOL!

  5. That's funny, Theresa, I barely notice it anymore. We found it at an auction, paid very little. I don't remember anything else, though. My loved one has a great eye.
    I would have to say that my home is "decorated" with unique finds from... anywhere! Much more fun, wouldn't you say? I have a feeling Karena, Trish, Gwen and you all have VERY interesting homes. Maybe we should have a weekly house tour featuring one home a week. Anyone want to join me? Now I just need to come up with the name of the tour...