Monday, May 17, 2010

Zinc: in and out

This is the time of year that I am especially drawn to zinc. It is a natural for the garden.
 The zinc top on wood legs- such character.


 Of  course, the garden planters are classic. Because zinc will get hot in the sun, zinc patina finishes are often used to replicate the zinc patina, as I did here.


I also like zinc finishes inside the home.

Isn't this a fun mirror? It is created with various pieces of weathered zinc.

Nice stove top hood...

You would need a special place for this bookcase!

Zinc resists corrosion and has an ultra low toxicity. Over 80% of available zinc is recycled. **


  1. I would love, love to have a zinc topped table!!!

    Giveaway by Beth Cosner Designs is up on my site. Come visit and spread the word!!


    Art by Karena

  2. LOVE zinc. Have faked that finish on cement planters, an oiel de boeuf mirror. Brought my Wisteria zinc table inside over the winter...silly when you consider how well it weathers. Love that bookcase, lamp, planters, all beautiful. Thanks! Trish

  3. Zinc. Pure and lovely zinc. The kitchen island topped with zinc is fantastic - I will take it!
    P.S. You're right, the Pieter B rose at Studio Choo is amazing. I am tempted to find some just to watch them change 'seasons'.