Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A French artist's perspective

I recently discovered the unique Jean-Jacques Pigeon, a French artist in the northwest of France near Angers. He both lives and works in his atelier, located in an old match factory, Les Allumettes. 

Here is an artist totally inspired by nature. His mediums include acrylic and ink on paper, acrylic on canvas and nail polish on glass, seen here

Cote Ouest magazine  Photo by Jean-Marc Palisse


Cote Ouest magazine  


Jean-Jacques also creates wood "drawings"- silhouettes made of blackened branches, turning the branches into sculptures. They are blackened with iron oxides or pigments of carbon and colors of all kinds. Fragile, light and temporary, they evoke freedom and vulnerability in nature.

Cote Ouest magazine  Photo by Jean-Marc Palisse

To JJ Pigeon, the branch forms are both geometric and poetic. He refers to his use of natural materials as "fusion-creation."


JJ Pigeon may be reached at:
Atelier Jean-Jacques Pigeon
243 Rue Jean-Jaures
49800 Trelaze, France

His works are featured permanently in the Galerie Jamault in Paris 


  1. Beautiful! I could live in that the dappled foliage...would be beautiful as wallpaper. Especially love the blues. Thanks! Trish

  2. I think my preferred is the graphic pinks and greys from the second picture to the right of the artist.

  3. Trish- I agree. It would be fabulous wallpaper.

    While I also really like the blues, my favorite is the link that says here- the roses created from nail polish on glass.

  4. I want one!....I could fall into that pink....however any one would do!

  5. They almost have a hint of Asian appeal to them. Modern, fresh, and just enough detail to draw you in and study a while!

  6. I am so happy you have shown this work. I love the huge pieces. His style just captures your attention. And, the wood pieces? Awesome. Totally awesome. xx's

  7. I love his looseness in style , so full of energy! But those DRAWINGS....they are killing me! Fantastic!