Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrought iron

Wrought iron furniture and accessories have always attracted me. I am drawn to older pieces with character. Thought I'd share a few with you!
This lantern hangs on a corner building in Siena, Italy. At the opposite corner, there are three gorgeous, frescoed, groin ceilings from the late 1400's. I am preparing a post for next week on groin ceilings and will include them. 

I am not usually charmed by snakes (!), but they do add to this fixture. Love the grapevines. 

What a great door to one's bath! 

unknown source

The wrought iron scroll work against the brick is masterful and was created by the Belgian wrought iron craftsman, Prosper Schrijvers, in Brussels. How perfect with the blooming wisteria!

We found the next two items at antique shows. This rose wrought iron urn is one of a pair. 


This wrought iron stand holds whatever I pick from my garden!


Last, but not least, are my two elephant ear plants. They are a member of the Caladium family and look like they'll take over the whole garden soon! They are as tall as I am.


Thank you, Cindy, at My Romantic Home, for Show & Tell Friday.
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  1. I love your stand. It is gorgeous and your gardens are lovely. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Sherry

  2. That flower pot holder...the urn with roses...whoa!! What a find!!

    My Friday Blog - Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Hope your weekend treats you well!!

  3. FABULOUS images! I love that light in the first one! I'm envious over your elephant ears....they are INcredible! glad I saw you on show and tell!

  4. How lovely :-) Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas

  5. The Italian lantern is spectacular and the photo of your garden looks beautiful.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  6. The Siena lantern is just amazing. I love your elephant ear, too!

  7. I love the plant stand. I'm also drawn to anything iron, wood or stone. You just can't beat those natural elements. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Mona

  8. I know this post is mainly about wrought iron - but I LOVE those elephant ear plants. I am abundantly jealous of your green thumb. (Smile)

  9. Wow, your pictures are just beautiful!
    For that matter, your blog is too!
    Thank you for sharing!

  10. The pictures Posted by you are marvelous. I would love to post some of your pictures on my site- With your permission