Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coral Charms and chocolates

What more can a girl ask for? Two of my favorite things in the world: chocolates and flowers! It would be hard for me to say which I would give up first!

I happen to be a fan of the color coral. It's happy and confident and fun. Let me introduce you to the Coral Charm peony. 

   This is the stage at which I like it the most. The stamens gracefully move at the slightest breeze.

When the peonies arrive from the shipper, they come in boxes. At that point, great care is taken every step of the way to bring the flowers to their absolute best for the upcoming event. (In a future post, I'll show you what all is involved.)

Coral Charm peonies have several great features. Besides their fabulous initial color, they totally transform into a different color. Seriously. And they open to their full potential at about 8" wide. I'll show you what I mean.

They have just been removed from the cooler after processing. Note their deep coral color.

 These are wide open and are ready for use immediately. They will stay like this for days, with their petals lightening from the deep coral to a light creamy peach. 

 A vase of Coral Charm peonies with examples of each stage... from the bud to blasted.

And now to my other favorite subject- chocolate! I find it hard to believe that this is how chocolate starts out! 

Photo by Francois Goudier



Photo by Francois Goudier 

I especially like chocolates from Mary Chocolatier in Brussels and Marie Belle in NYC. 

Which do you prefer: milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Thank you Cindy at My Romantic Home


  1. I should be crawling into bed now and here I am reading about flowers and chocolate...sweet dreams for me tonight!

  2. Oh I'm definitely a dark chocolate girl! And the pictures of your peonies are so pretty! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Beautiful peonies! I love how they change from dark to light!
    I'm definitely a milk chocolate husband loves dark chocolate, which is fine with me because if we get chocolates with both dark and milk, we don't fight over who gets what!

  4. I am a dark chocolate fan myself, but will eat pretty much any kind of chocolate. :) I am featuring this post next Friday on FTF. Thanks for linking up today! Oh, and stop by if you would like a featured button!

  5. Thanks, Jessica!

    I have usually preferred milk chocolate, but my taste is slowly going darker...

  6. I am a dark chocolate the drinking chocolate at Angelinas...those peonies are almost edible!

  7. Loooooove the dark chocolate. Mmmm! Found you over at Few of My Favorite nice to "meet" you : )