Monday, June 14, 2010

Mini Colour Hits

In recent years, paint companies have become creative in their paint color presentations. The enticing colors, the possibilities...

Here are a few of my favorites. 

The French paint company, Ressource, has fun ads.
Ressource Paint's 1960's collection

Veranda magazine's Purer Palettes article featured the softer colors inspired by botanicals.

These bowls, ready to be painted by the Atelier Buffile, look like lovely paint samples.

These are French paints from the Peinture fraiche! article in Cote Sud magazine.

The Australian Kit Cosmetics and Dulux paints teamed up to produce a limited edition of nail polishes.


Here is a more traditional approach. I like the color progression.


Wood sticks never looked so good!

Love this:

 Paint & Paper Library
You can find lots of good paint color info in House Beautiful's article entitled What's Your Color Personality? in the September, 2009 issue. Their House Beautiful Colors for Your Home book and new bookazine are interesting to read for the various interior designers' paint descriptions.

For the serious color enthusiast, I recommend Michael Wilcox's many books on color. Also, Janice Lindsay's All About Color is an excellent resource for your library. 

Maria Killam's Colour Me Happy blog is a fun way to learn how color affects your own home and offers creative solutions to our own design challenges.


  1. Hey thanks for the mention!! So nice, and I love all the images you found, they are wonderful!

  2. Nice post Ann! I do love how many ways they found to showcase COLOR!!!