Monday, June 7, 2010

Sneak Peek

During the busy season, for years I have assisted with floral decor for my loved one's special events decorating company. He does tiny events and huge events. It is always crazy, usually fun and filled with the most fabulous flowers. This past weekend we had a rather large wedding...

At 5 a.m., as the second of two monsoon-like storms was rumbling through the area, we were not so sure if we could pull off the tent wedding. It goes to show you that there are just times when it was meant to be.

The weather had been warm and muggy the previous week and it was finally going to cool down. Unfortunately, that usually means stormy weather. Well, it came. As in cats and dogs! Even at 12 noon, as we were applying the flowers to the ceremony arches down by the pond, it was still drizzling. The tents dried out and at about 2 p.m., the sun came out, the skies turned blue and we were a go for the wedding.
Here are some photos of the celebration prep. Names, locations and details remain private. Please note that these are primarily "before" shots, to allow for the client's privacy.

P.S. The rain returned as cocktails were ending and continued the rest of the evening. !

The entrance arch, leading to the lavender-lined path down to the ceremony beyond.

Arch closeup of the blue and purple flowers used: lisianthus, monkshood, clematis, delphinium and white Casa Blanca lilies

The bridal bouquet of Vanda orchids and lily of the valley (just peeking through). Nice "vase"!

The lighting focus on the night before.

As you might have guessed, purple and white are the colors! The "look" the client requested was for clean and fresh and lots of candlelight.

Small centerpiece closeup

Guests are in cocktails right now.

Almost ready!


  1. OMG!!! This is something out of Preston Bailey. I want this for my finale party!!!!! :D

  2. Ann...the whimsical chandeliers are too die for...can you tell me more about them? Almost looks like an umbrella frame with rice lights draped....just magical.


  3. You are so talented. Just gorgeous! I would also love to know more about the fabulous chandeliers.