Thursday, June 3, 2010

Which would you prefer?

For your consideration, here are four very different ways to feature your walls. They range from very rough luxe to barely there. 

Which direction would you prefer?

To begin, this is the rather unprocessed, rough look. Believe me, I have seen some wonderfully patinaed walls after removing wallpaper and wondered why go further? This look has been featured in commercial spaces for a while now. In the home? Hmmm...

Here is a distressed wall treatment that looks charming. It certainly recreates the "timeworn country chateau" look.

Photo by Gus Schmiege in Country French magazine

This Venetian plaster is soft, matte and barely there. It could be featured anywhere.

Photo by Edmund Barr

This fabulous wall treatment is totally going for it! The oversize pattern, the color and the gloss: not easy to achieve! When doing a lacquered wall, the walls must be in perfect condition as the gloss highlights every imperfection.

Designer: Marshall Watson  Decorative Painter: Judy Mulligan

What wall treatments do you prefer?
Just paint? Flat? Glossy?
A wall finish?


  1. The planned distressed wall treatment.

  2. Really love the barely there plaster walls. These are beautiful images!

  3. Ooooh, the last one. Pattern, gloss, striking color and then the white.

  4. I'll take the first option anyday. Three cheers for ridiculously rough walls!