Thursday, June 17, 2010

A new discovery in San Francisco

Every once in a while, you comes across a creative, fun and unique idea that you are just drawn to. Today, a friend of mine showed me this great photo and I was hooked. 

This is the beginning of a vertical garden, presented to us all by Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. Yes, the shop owner is actually named Flora Grubb. Serendipity, eh?

The shop looks like:

Picture perfect!

Flora Grubb Gardens offers floral services with mainly locally grown flowers. Lots of succulents and tropicals are used, and beautifully so. 

Their wedding bouquets are precious:

They also focus on vertical gardens and sell the materials to begin one on their web shop here. Some of the items in the shop include:

Cute cube terrariums

The terrarium kit

Nice start!

Wall bubble vases

If you need a garden planned, indoors or out, give them a call! Here is a conservatory they planned that was covered in Vogue magazine.

All photos courtesy of Flora Grubb Gardens.

Thank you for the mention, Jessica, over at Favorite Things Friday

(I need to rest up after Catherine's soiree!)


  1. I love all the succulents! I just bought some last week as a thank you for a dear friend, now I'd like to own a couple! Are they hard to take care of if left outside on a table?

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I planted a couple of pots of succulents a few weeks ago and they are on my deck. The more sun, the better. They actually require very little care, although you'll obviously need to bring them indoors for the winter.


  3. Ann,
    Thank's for your comment on my blog !
    Have a nice day !

  4. Those wedding bouquets! And the wall bubble vases I {heart} !!

  5. Wow that conservatory it gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to FTF!