Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Harvest

This is always a great time of year. 

Here's to the garden harvest!


The rose is Golden Celebration and smells heavenly! One of my favorite rose scents.

Off to make pasta sauce for the winter and pesto for this evening. 

Join me tomorrow for a glimpse at the weddings I worked on over the weekend. Ciao!



  1. Beautiful image. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by RHS always. Hope you are well.

  2. This is art. When you grow vegetables & then present them to us it is an artform, called still-life I think. xx's to you.

  3. NO WAY! BEST picture I've seen all day!! You are really home grown talent my dear :) XO, Kelly

  4. Lovely image! Do you want to share your recipes? Growing your own food and then creating meals is beyond fabulous!

  5. Ann,

    I just had to come back & thank you so much for buying one of Susan's paintings! She is so excited. I really appreciate it and you won't be disappointed. She is a beautiful artist.

  6. My dear - I love this photograph. What a lovely bunch of gorgeous vegetables embellished with an unassuming bloom. Just love it.
    If you like roses, you should visit Portland, OR sometime. You could meet little old me and wonder through the International Rose Garden (thousands of blooms!).