Thursday, September 2, 2010

On reflection: Mirrored Walls

A mirror holds magical properties. It both catches the light and then casts it forward into the room. It appears to enlarge the size of the room. It can be a work of art in itself. 

The use of mirrors on the walls can vary. They can be mounted in a grid pattern on an accent wall.

This room's mirrored wall was aged before its application.

The mirrors here are unaccented and a large size. A very clean look designed by James Huniford.

The room here contains many design elements to gaze upon. Even the mirrors here are detailed, with their small grid pattern, beveled edges and extensive aging.

Designers Here and There by Michele Keith  Photo by Casey and Anne Sills

This lovely room's mirrors are framed and presented in different sizes. With artwork and a graceful mirror placed directly on them,  they fulfill the full function of a wall.

Designers Here and There by Michele Keith  Photo by Grey Crawford

If you don't want the whole wall mirrored, you can add your own mirror "windows".

Country French magazine        Photo by Chipper Hatter

Mirror patination can be done in specific designs to complement the decor. The most sought after effect of patination is the look of an antique mirror, with the timeworn pitting of the silver on the back.  Here, the decorative painting firm in Orlando, Florida, Garay Artisans, installed mirrors with a custom oval patina.

This beauty was accented with a damask pattern and plum color.

The mirrors in The Bohemian Hotel in Savannah, Georgia are accented with copper and gold.

The copper and plum colors in these mirrors command attention and admiration on this wall!

There are products available to make the patination process a little easier. Antique Patina Mirror Solutions offer a three-step product that can be used on a myriad of projects. Besides the mounted mirrors on the wall, the patination process can also be done on small mirror tiles, as furniture accents with the mirror placed as a table topper and in the center of ceiling coffers. Modello Designs offer many stencil patterns that can be applied to the mirror surface.

Would you incorporate a mirrored wall into your decor? 


  1. Hi Ann, I love mirrors. Have several very large mirrors in my house that are over 250 years old. They came from Argentina. Both in my dining and living rooms they "mirror" the large pond to the west and give the rooms the appearance of extra space.

    Love all of the images you collected.

  2. Loved this post and all the information within! Thank you so much for including our work, much appreciated. I am drooling over the images from Designers Here and There, btw...