Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Would you do the color pink?

Although usually thought of as a feminine color, the color pink is being seen frequently as a color of note for 2011. Fortunately, it is not just the conventional girly pink that is being presented. Many shades of pink abound, including salmon, fuschia, coral, blush and rose. Of course, a pink ribbon is the international symbol for breast cancer awareness.

Pink can be thought of as energetic and sexy. Combined with bold colors, it demands attention. Presented like this, it can raise the blood pressure and heart rate. It can even have the same high energy as red.

Pink and orange, an unconventional pairing.      

Architectural Digest   Photo by Paul Warchol

 Pink and green, a traditional combination. Both are strong and confident.

Architectural Digest   Photo by Paul Warchol

Becoming softer, this pink leans towards blue. This tone-on tone damask looks fresh and clean with the light trim.

Here, the pink wall is dusty and mottled. This wonderful room was painted by decorative painter, Kris Kuchavik. The wall finish is a result of layers of custom-colored acrylic waxes over a deep red basecoat. 

 This combination of pale blush and deep raspberry (with the green, of course) projects a cheerful environment.

Color Made Easy

Pink can also be considered a calm, soothing color. In the bedroom, it can present a serene environment.

In Europe, pink has long been a color associated with both men and women. Farrow and Ball has many wonderful shades of pink to choose from, with all being subtle and complex. The pink is made more masculine with the deep, rich, saturated hues. Here is Farrow and Ball's Architectural Pink.

 Farrow and Ball     Paint and Color in Decoration

 Farrow and Ball's Viceroy Pink leans a bit more toward the browns.

Farrow and Ball     Paint and Color in Decoration

Farrow and Ball's Pink Ground was the color chosen for their master bath by Brooke and Steve Giannetti (of the Velvet and Linen blog).

I have been using this lovely tablecloth's combination of a subdued pink and silver combination as an inspiration for an upcoming wall finish for a client's master bath. I think it is so elegant.

Dwellings by Stephen Sills and James Huniford  Photo by Michael Moran

This gorgeous piece of silk taffeta would be fabulous as a window treatment or toss pillow.

 Harlequin fabric by Christopher Hyland as seen in Veranda Magazine

This circa 1900 Oushak carpet pretty much reads as a delicate, neutral tone-on-tone underfoot.

This wonderfully patinaed stucco exterior presents a perfect backdrop for the almost gaudy hydrangea colors.

French Style at Home by Sebastien Siraudeau

Carolyn Quartermaine, Maison et Objet's Designer of the Year in 2008, showcases pink in a clear and feminine manner. Her pinks are clean and happy.

Carolyn Quartermaine Revealed

This pink looks fab with the gold accents.

Carolyn Quartermaine Revealed

Even the pink splotches on the floor look good!

Carolyn Quartermaine Revealed

Wouldn't you love to have this corner of the room all to yourself? Or, it would make a great setting for a cocktail party. I'll take both canvases, please. And the chandelier!

Designer's Guild offers many fabrics and accessories in pink. They combine the lively colors in a striking way.

If pink is too much as an overall room color, you can always add accessories in pink's numerous shades.

Have you used pink in your own home? In a client's home?


  1. I'd never thought I would do it for myself, but you have given me a lot of things to think about. I'm going to go back and re-read now and save some of these images. Thanks!

  2. I love the pink orange combo. I did it once for a clients basement and they just "trusted" me on that one. It was a smash hit and even helped sell the house. You know I can do pink, anytime, anywhere. I toast a pink lemonade to you and this post! XO, Kelly

  3. Dear Ann, Yes I would and yes I have. I especially love the Farrow and Ball pinks. They have just enough brown in them to make them suitable for any interior (or exterior) design application.

  4. FAbulous post Ann
    I have an absolute obsession with pink at present.. which is unusual for me.. it comes and goes every 10 years or so. hahaha..

    The hot pink and orange reminds me of the clever use of colour in the indian culture.. they sure know how to mix things up.. but my favourite today is Brooke's bathroom... that ballet slipper pink with the wonderful portraits.. and rattan cupboard.. pretty well perfect...

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for your kind comments. I do miss my mum everyday .. xxx Julie