Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two weddings

I had the pleasure of assisting with two weddings this past weekend. They were very different: one was indoors, one was outdoors. One was more casual, one more formal. However, both included the color yellow. Yellow has been a popular accent and feature color this year, the first time in many years that I can recall.

Let's take a peak. Literally- I only managed to snatch photos here and there. And, of course, my camera battery died, so these are from my cell phone.

This is the indoor wedding ceremony structure called a chuppa (there are many spellings of this word). The wrought iron structure was custom made for Pieter Bouterse Studio and is a gorgeous piece on its own. A wrought iron chandelier was hung in the center. Its candles had special bulbs that flickered as a real candle would.
We are almost done with its decor here.

Here are a few closeups. Some of the flowers we used included garden roses, hanging amaranth, bittersweet vines and hydrangea. The brighter yellow flower spikes hanging toward the bottom are oncidium orchids.

Yellow snapdragons were used to mimic the wrought iron shafts radiating from the center.

The attendant bouquets were made of deep burgundy / purple dahlias and calla lilies, with a collar of yellow gloriosa lilies. The handles were wrapped with a deep burgundy leaf. Unfortunately, I was not able to photograph the bridal bouquet.


The outdoor wedding was very fortunate to have perfect weather. The late afternoon was about 70 degrees and sunny.

Here is the bridal bouquet. You are looking at roses, hydrangea, dahlias, gloriosa lilies and gardenias. Aren't the colors fabulous? I love it when a bride is a bit more daring.


The attendant bouquets featured cymbidium orchids, kangaroo paws, roses, calla lilies and calcinia.

The ceremony took place outdoors, down by the pond at the bride's home. The dinner and dance tent was set up close by. Here is a slightly out-of-focus glimpse of the gorgeous, midnight blue sky and tent with clear sides.

The tables were squares and rectangles, the flowers were set in clear cubes and votive candles twinkled from numerous sources on many levels.

A magical evening!


  1. I am impressed with how good cell phone cameras are nowadays! Grceat photos. I love all kinds of weddings, I get excited when I attend a wedding that had a touch of the unexpected!

  2. Ann, both of these weddings must have been beautiful. What an elegant wrought iron canopy, I loved the little berries. And, that tent on her lawn, just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.
    Totally agree with the unexpected colors...so much more interesting & lovely. xx's

  3. HI Ann
    Yes I am impressed with the quality of cell phone images too.. [or mobile phone as we aussies call them[...

    Love the chuppa!!! just fantastic... if i ever get married I'm going to need me ones of these chuppas.. haha.. And love this tented area too!! beautiful!!!

    So I expect some photos of Lake Erie soon!! ciao ciao xxx Julie