Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I miss this!

I just came across several issues of the now demised House & Garden magazine.


I certainly miss it! While Veranda, AD, ID, Traditional Home, etc. are the go-to magazines, I used to really look forward to browsing House & Garden's unique view of the design world. It was slightly more down-to-earth, but savvy just the same.

I particularly liked the floral and garden coverage. And they seemed to be in the forefront of the green movement coverage as it related to our own homes.

May it one day return!


  1. I too miss the great decorating/design magazines that no longer exist. I also wonder if the other's will last given the economy, everyone wanting to go green, convenience of on-line viewing, etc. You too? I still love to look through my them all!

  2. I do enjoy looking thru magazines, but I have come to a point where if all the images i saw were online, i'd be just as happy. the resolution is much better. mostly i am just not happy with the magazines that are left.

  3. I miss House & Garden desperately. The covers were always amazing!

  4. I usually go to a magazine's website to look for better photos in an article, but often can't find them there, especially the European magazines.

    For me, I can take a magazine with me in the car and read here & there. I have somewhat limited time online to search. When I can go online (at the end of the day) I am "visiting" all of the great blogs out there.