Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Creativity Hits the Wall

As I was admiring Stephen Sills' latest home in Architectural Digest, I couldn't help but notice the walls in the library. A faded Ottoman pattern was executed on jute burlap and applied to the wall as one would apply wallpaper.

Here is a closeup:

Nice! Great use of the pattern and color.

I researched further and found that the work is created by Particia Arnillas of CONTRaPOSTO, located in New York City. Patricia's background is in the fine arts and the fields of illustration and graphic design. Over the past fifteen years, she gradually moved into the the interior design field, specializing in murals, decorative textures and wall finishes. Her client list includes many renowned interior designers and architects.

I admire her use of patterns and texture. Creating them on burlap takes it one step further, allowing one to remove the finish at will and using it elsewhere down the road.

Here are some of her rooms:

glazed silver leaf

 floral pattern on burlap

damask texture on burlap with hardware

closeup of damask texture

embossed craqueleure on canvas

closeup of the craqueleure

faded Greek pattern on burlap

Patricia also does the more traditional finishes, such as woodgraining and creating various textures.




Visit Patricia's website; you'll be in for a real treat! 

 All photos not credited above are courtesy of CONTRaPOSTO.


  1. Patricia Arnillas is a true Artist. Her finishes are superb, easy on the eye, yet powerful. Thanks Ann for introducing Patricia to us.

  2. Beautiful finishes! I love anything with burlap. I just love it's texture. We added burlap on the wall and plastered over that and painted a grungy crown on that in my wine closet. I just love it. I hate that it is so hard to photograph. It's a very tight space under the stairs. It's one of my favorite little spots in the house. I don't guess that has anything to do with the wine?

  3. Well, this is just the best eye candy I have seen in a while! She is genius to use burlap. Fantastic post!

  4. The damask + hardware is such a great pairing! Thanks for doing all the homework and sharing your notes :) I can tell and I love that you were excited about this lovely lady and her talented works! I feel the same about you. XO

  5. I saw the article on AD and loved the work! Thanks for the research and images. :)