Sunday, November 7, 2010

Venice through our eyes

We arrived in Venice around six in the evening, after having secured our hotel in Mestre, a twenty minute bus or train ride outside of Venice. It was one of the best moves we made; we not only enjoyed the walk into Venice from the train station, but thoroughly enjoyed not having to lug our luggage through the crowds. 

Arriving in Venice as the evening was beginning was absolutely magical. We strolled for an hour or so and decided to take the water bus down the canal to San Marco Square. Oops- what we thought would be a ten minute "express" ride turned out to be a thirty minute "tour" around the islands surrounding Venice (note to self- read the signs (don't know Italian) inquiringly motion to a local ;]).  Actually, the ride was fascinating with the boat full of locals returning to their homes.

Here we are now...

With each glance, you caught a gorgeous picture.

Amazing architecture, canals everywhere...

Perfect for a postcard, eh?

We returned the next day, refreshed and ready to go. One can't help but be amazed at how much the water and canals influence the lives of the Venetians. Water is everywhere, seeping into doors and buildings.

We headed over the the Palazzo Fortuny to visit the museum. The Fortuny collection was so exciting to see, but I had to exert much self control not to touch the fabrics. Seeing Mariano Fortuny's beautiful paintings was a delight. Not being able to take photos was a bummer, but I did pick up a wonderful book about Fortuny that I had not seen in the states.

We did sneak a few photos as we stepped outside on a third floor back veranda. If you look closely, you can see the canal in the next "block".

Here is a good example of the eroding condition of the buildings of Venice.

The Palazzo Fortuny's inner courtyard. The lower windows' roundels were lovely both indoors and out.

The Palazzo's exterior:

More neighborhood shots:

 The stucco colors are so vivid! 

Picture perfect, again!

Lots of spires and quatrefoils... and did I say water?

Toward the evening, the sun disappeared behind the clouds and it became windy and cold. Here, folks are beginning to scurry about to leave and take shelter.

Venice was just what you would expect... and more. I will return!

Next Sunday I'll show you around the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside.


  1. Fabulous Fabulous Ann
    I've been twice and was so happy when the 2nd time lived up to my 1st time expectations. haha..My favourite city!!! bellissima!!!!

    Love what you've done with your first shot too.. I've been digging through my venezia shots thinking of posting her again.. it is an obsession I think.. In fact I preferred Venice to Florence....

    thanks so much for sharing these .. .made my day.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Magical! Loved the blurred lights in the distance on your night tour. It's my favorite city. One of my favorite memories is waking my daughter up at day break, while my son and parents were still sleeping (she was @ 10) and visiting St Marks Square without the tourists. Just lots of pigeons and a few street sweepers and that glorious winged lion and view of the water lapped ancient square. Sends your imagination wild...centuries of frivolity. Fabulous photos...what a treat. Merci! XO Trish

  3. Dear Ann, I love Venice and I love your photos. Your photographs are better than any post cards I have seen taken of Venice. Why not make a calendar and sell it on Etsy? I would be your first customer.
    Thanks for sharing beautiful Venice with us.

  4. Thanks so much! Gina- you are so sweet. Believe me, it took me hours to edit the Venezia shots down to these. With all of the photos we took on our trip, we could definitely do a few calendars. Hmmmm....

  5. I so wish I was in your suitcase! I can see you are having an amazing time in such a lovely city!

  6. What an amazing trip! I would love to go there some day. The architecture takes my breath away. I would love to sit and chat with you about it.

  7. Great images of my favorite Italian city (after Milan of course). Happy travelling!