Sunday, November 14, 2010

Misc Italia / Tuscany and Umbria

We decided that while we loved seeing the main sights in various cities, what we enjoyed the most on our trip to Italy was to spend time wandering in the smaller towns and interacting with townsfolk. 

After leaving Venice, we drove to Roma via Arezzo, Assisi and Orvieto. The driving in the countryside is decidedly tamer than the cities, especially Rome. I think the Roman drivers are worse than in NYC and Boston!

Now grab your cup of tea, settle in and come with me. (And, again, please forgive the Ipod's not so great photos!)  Shopping? Did you say shopping? 

Hmmm, I'd like to see that architectural scrollwork on the floor and the candlestick in the back, please.

 I also like the shield lampshades.

This is in a woodcarver's Assisi shop. It was so crammed in there that you really had to look slowly. A claw foot here, a bust there, wood everywhere. Would you like a drawer with that?

We finally decided on the acanthus leaf below. It is now in the process of being gilded in my studio. (I know- we were trying to pace ourselves. As I look at the pictures, I would have loved that frame surrounding the acanthus, along with 10 other items!)  

I really like his stacks of boxes and containers.

 (How many can I fit in my suitcase?....)

There were little goodies everywhere.

 Need a cute set of mini steps?


Great club chair and angel and scrolls and table and pewter...

OK- back to the sights. 

I thought this building's decorations rivaled those in Florence.

A more modest building, but still beautiful.

A casual peek into a door and this is what we saw!

A closer look at the fresco:

We enjoyed Assisi's beauty, but I honestly thought it was a bit "touristy".  I did not gain any weight (even though we liberally consumed wine and had lots of chocolate), partly because we walked and walked. In Assisi, we walked to the top of the hillside town. What a view! Precisely as we reached the summit, a ferocious wind arrived and did not let up the rest of the visit.

It turned out that a storm was heading our way. Here is Assisi from the highway.

A quick stop in Orvieto:

And we were on our way south. Next week will be the last installment of my Italian series- our visit to Roma.
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  1. Pretty good pics for the iphone! Love those steps and well....just about everything else!

  2. Dear Ann, You took us on a wonderful trip through my favorite part of Italy. Can we see more detailed photographs of the painted buildings, please.

  3. Sure, Gina. I'll post some closeups for you.


  4. I need an iphone! Lovely!!

    Jaw, open, floor, pick up, still open, drooling....WOW!!!!!!

    I seriously can't wait for Roma :D