Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dark walls?

They are dramatic, to say the least. They can read mysterious, serious, sophisticated.
The dark wall, either as an accent wall in a room or
enveloping the entire room, becomes an important wall.

In the bathroom:
Photo by Nicolas Tosi in Elle Decoration

Photo by Andreas Von Einsiedel

 In the dining room:

Photo by William Waldron in Elle Decor

These eggplant colors don't read quite as deeply dramatic as the charcoal and black walls.

Albany Paints @  Brewers

This reads quite dressy, wouldn't you say?

Photo by Tony Soluri in AD

In the bedroom, it becomes soothing. Great color- Pratt & Lambert's Wolf.

Photo by Luca Trovato in House Beautiful

The large window and adjoining white walls allow the dark wall to shine.

Photo by Nicolas Tosi in Elle Decoration

As a casual accent wall:


or the room's happily formal walls, which are reflected in the furniture and accessories.

Photo by John Bessler

Would you dare to include a dark wall in your home's decor?


  1. What a great post! I certainly dare to bring in a dark wall in an interior! I just love it! As in the 1st pic. here the vivid colours of decoration items give a wonderful contrast!!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  2. HI Ann

    Really terrific post with inspiring rooms..I usually go for the lighter palettes, but these are stunning. Especially that dining room!

    Thanks for visiting my blog1



  3. I loved the all white bedroom with the dark walls. I'm with Greet. Dare to be different. That bedroom becomes more modern. Not so sweet. Opposites do attract!

  4. That dark bedroom (photo by Trovato) is one of my absolute favorites!

  5. I love dark walls, it's how you pull the rest of the room together as to whether or not it works. I had a chocolate brown dining room and it was stunning...I loved that room!

  6. Ummmmm I love dark walls although I don't have any in my own house I have recently done three rooms in charcoal, charcoal and dark blue as well as a gorgeous deep eggplant...always dramatic and rather theatrical you have to have the personality to go with!