Friday, May 14, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall

In keeping with Cindy over at My Romantic Home's Show & Tell Friday, I would like to share three of the mirrors I have at home. For some reason, we are drawn to them.

This is my favorite. I found this at an unremarkable antique store years ago and have treasured it every day since then. The mirror looks exactly the same now as it did when I purchased it. It is from France.

This is the mirror in my kitchen. We found this at an estate sale along with other goodies and they had been passed up by everyone for two days! We were so excited and perplexed. Can't tell you much about this except that it is not nearly as old as the first mirror.

This mirror and marble top table were the first furniture pieces I purchased. The mirror rests on the table; I like it better than hanging it.

Lastly, here is one of the few tree peonies in my yard that wasn't destroyed by the baseball size hail we had last Friday evening. The hail put holes in so many leaves and our siding. Two sides of our house need new siding!


  1. Those mirrors have so much character. And I love the sneak peek at your desk, too! But not perhaps the thing I love the most is that beautiful, simple peony. Great pic!!

  2. Your mirrors are beautiful! I especially love the one in your kitchen.

  3. I can't believe anyone would pass up mirrors, much less those!! Some people are crazy, but their loss is your gain for sure. Your mirrors are gorgeous!